Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I lease my next Toyota vehicle?

Depreciation: You never own a depreciating asset.

Lower Payments: A monthly lease payment can be over 1/3 less than a financial payment over the same term.


Less Tax: While you’re leasing, you only pay tax on the leased portion of the vehicle! On finance, you pay tax on the entire vehicle and pay interest on it.

Flexible Options at the End: At the end of the lease term you make the decision. You can get into another lease, return the vehicle to the dealer, purchase out the vehicle, or re-finance the buyout amount so you maintain low payments.



How do I know when I need new tires?

The easiest way to tell if you need new tires is to do the quarter test. Take a quarter and place it inside the tread. If the quarter goes down about half way, your tires are in good condition. If the quarter doesn’t go down, the tread is worn and you need to replace the tire.


If you need to order new tires, please speak to one of our Parts Advisors by visiting us at 787 Central Ave or give us a call at (807) 623-1115

Are the tires on my Toyota vehicle warranted by Toyota Canada, and are there any tire rebates I can have?

Your tires on your Toyota vehicle are not warranted by Toyota Canada. Tires originally installed on your Toyota vehicle are warranted by the respective tire manufacturer. Please refer to the appropriate tire pamphlet provided with your Toyota vehicle for any warranty information.

Tire rebates can be found during winter tire and summer tire season on our coffee station counter.