2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The All-New 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid


A hybrid vehicle is powered by both an electric motor and a traditional gasoline engine. Just like traditional vehicles, they are both fueled the same except hybrids recharge itself by using regenerative braking. Ultimately, the two systems work simultaneously to power the vehicle. Compared to the everyday vehicle, a hybrid vehicle emits less CO2, reduces fuel consumption cost, creates a better fuel economy and improves performance. A hybrid’s electric motor gets its power from a battery pack that sits under the rear seat or in the floor pan to lower the center of gravity for improved handling.

When certain driving conditions require the use of the electric motor, such as driving below a certain speed or sitting in idle, the engine remains off and burns zero gasoline. When the battery level reaches a certain depletion level or if heavy throttle loads are required, the gasoline motor automatically kicks in to assist in recharging the battery and powering the vehicle. Hybrids have regenerative braking systems that generate electric power to help keep the batteries charged. When the driver applies the brakes, the electric motor turns into a generator, and the magnetic drag slows the vehicle down. For safety, hybrid’s are also equipped with a normal hydraulic braking system that can stop the car when the regenerative braking system isn’t sufficient. There is no difference in brake maintenance or repair cost except for the fact that the brake pads tend to last longer because of minimal use. If you drive a hybrid in a moderate manner, you can easily go to the life of the vehicle and never have to change the brake pads. The big difference is, regenerative brakes capture energy and turn it into electricity to charge the battery that provides power to the electric motor.

All in all, your cost of ownership tends to be lower on Toyota hybrid vehicles. To see our complete line up of Toyota hybrid vehicles and to take one for a test drive, visit us at 787 Central Ave or book your test drive online. Our Product Advisors are very knowledgeable with the Toyota hybrid series and are here to answer any questions you have.