Vehicle Protection Options

We've got you covered.
Our Vehicle Protection Options have you covered - inside and out. From seat tears to flat-tires caused by nails or screws, we have different options that are available on your new or pre-owned vehicle.

Protect the value of your vehicle. No matter how careful you are, everyday driving damages your vehicle. Unexpected and unavoidable damage such as a dent from a shopping cart or a stone chip to the windshield can lead to costly repairs. Appearance-Gard helps to protect your vehicle, keeping it looking new for years to come.
Appearance-Gard® Vehicle Protection:
  • Helps to keep the showroom look longer without incurring unexpected expenses
  • Helps maximize the resale value of your vehicle
  • Is ideal for both purchased and leased vehicles
  • Has no deductible
  • Claims will not impact your insurance premium
Appearance-Gard® includes: