Toyota President's Club

"The President's Award honours Toyota dealers that excel in all facets of their operations. It is recognition for dealerships that continue to go above and beyond at each customer touch point and represent the best of the best." - TCI


"Did achieving President’s Club in 2023 seem easy? It’s never easy but if you keep building on the successes of your recent past and looking for new opportunities to improve across the organization today, it should feel a little less difficult each time!

We are all fortunate to work for an organization where our owner, Michael, values excellence not just with words but with his actions, where our lot attendants, detailers, service greeter, vehicle inventory coordinator, tire and lube technicians and administrative assistants don’t do the glamorous work but take pride in what they do. And we have developed a culture where looking for small ways to improve the 100s of procedures and processes we do have or don’t have yet, is just part of who we are."

-Ben Grant, General Manager


"As my good friend and Wayne Toyota team member Ed, likes to say, “Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees”. What does this mean? We get so busy taking care of all of those individual trees each day/week/month/year, it can become difficult to appreciate the forest you’ve helped to cultivate and grow – in this case, our 2022 President’s Club achievement.

...It’s the team members of Wayne Toyota that ensure policies and procedures are consistently being followed and that each customer that interacts with us gets the best experience possible. Without each of you, these fantastic results wouldn’t be possible!"

-Ben Grant, General Manager

Celebrating 3 Years of Toyota President's Club Membership!

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Toyota Brand Awards

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Canadian Black Book Overall Brand Awards

Toyota Canada has been recognized by Canadian Black Book (CBB) with the Overall Brand Awards in the categories of Car (Toyota), SUV/Truck (Toyota), and Luxury (Lexus). In CBB's second year of recognizing 'Best Residual Value', Toyota Canada posted a total of six wins.
The 2023 Best Residual Value Awards measure vehicles values into the future. These awards recognize which vehicles are expected to hold the largest percentage of their MSRP 48 months after the original date of purchase. These awards are presented in 21 categories of cars, trucks, SUVs and EVs.
Overall Brand Award: Car - Toyota Overall Brand Award: SUV/Truck - Toyota Full-size Pickup: Toyota Tundra SUV: Main Mid/Full - Toyota 4Runner

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Vincentric Best Value in Canada Awards

Once per year Vincentric performs a cost of ownership analysis at the model level to determine Vincentric Best Value in Canada™ awards for the consumer market. Vincentric measures cost-of-ownership using eight different cost factors: depreciation, fees & taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost, and repairs. Using a statistical model, winners were identified by measuring which vehicles had lower than expected ownership costs given their market segment and price. Each vehicle was evaluated in all ten provinces plus the Northwest Territories using a range of annual mileage intervals and insurance profiles.
Best Value SUV & Van Brand - Toyota Best Value Compact Passenger Car- Toyota Corolla Hybrid Best Value Mid-Size SUV - Toyota Highlander Hybrid Best Value Minivan - Toyota Sienna Best Value Full-Size 1/2 Ton Pickup - Toyota Tundra