Toyota Connected Services

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Connected Services by Toyota offers an advanced suite of smart technologies designed to simplify your everyday life.
Toyota App is a smartphone app that connects you to everything Connected Services by Toyota has to offer.

Select 2020 model year and newer Toyota vehicles equipped with Remote Connect and Service Connect are compatible with the Toyota App. The Toyota App offers an easy way to enroll in Connected Services by Toyota and manage the services that your vehicle comes equipped with. From remotely starting your engine, to locking your doors, from viewing your fuel level to accessing a vehicle health report, Toyota App helps you stay in touch with your vehicle, no matter where you are. Watch this video for some easy-to-follow steps to get started with Toyota App!
1. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the Toyota App.

2. Create an Account. When you download the Toyota App for the first time, you will need to create an account to access App Suite. App Suite is a complimentary feature and there are no fees to use it.

3. Make sure your smartphone is paired to your vehicle via Bluetooth. For instructions on how to pair your phone, watch the “Know Your Toyota – Pairing a Phone” video or the Know Your Toyota – Bluetooth Troubleshooting video. A detailed Bluetooth pairing guide with step-by-step instructions is also available in Toyota App.

4. Link to your existing LiveXLive and NPR One accounts. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one by:
a) Opening Toyota App on your smartphone and selecting LiveXLive / NPR One
b) Following on-screen prompts to create an account.
Easy enrollment for your Connected Services.

1. Download the Toyota App via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Open the app and create an account using your email or existing social media accounts.

3. Add your Toyota vehicle to your garage by scanning it’s VIN via the door jamb or manually inputting the VIN. Your vehicle will appear on the screen and you can see which services it has available.

4. Select “Enroll” to begin using the Connected Services features.

5. Once enrolled, you can create a vehicle nickname, select a preferred dealer and manage your account.


1. Press the SOS button in your vehicle and hold for 1-2 seconds

2. Acknowledge that this is not an emergency and follow the prompts to reach a live Connected Services agent

3. Answer a few simple questions, and the Agent will create your profile and let you know the terms and conditions
Control a series of vehicle functions from a distance -- like remote starting or stopping your engine -- using Toyota App.

Via the Toyota App, Remote Connect allows you to start and stop your engine* (automatic transmission only), lock and unlock your doors* and check the status of your doors and windows. You can also experience next level connectivity with Guest Driver Settings, Last Parked Location and Drive Pulse amongst other features. 

Start and stop your engine from a distance - ideal for warming up or cooling down your vehicle before you get in.

Plug-in Hybrids: Replaced with Remote Climate Start.


Lock and unlock vehicle doors from a distance to ease your way in, and ease your mind if you can’t remember their status.

Not available for Plug-in Hybrids.


Check to see if windows and moonroof are closed / open even when your vehicle is not in sight.

Status and alerts vary by model


Allows you to quickly and easily find your vehicle in an uncovered parking lot.


Allows you to set conditions for a Guest driver and be informed via notification if any are violated, including maximum speed, maximum kilometres, distance from a set location and more.


Start your car (automatic transmission only) lock/unlock your doors, check your fuel level status and more from the comfort of your home using the Toyota Skill for Amazon Alexa or the Toyota Action for Google AssistantTM.


When the Toyota App is paired with a compatible Apple Watch® or Android Wear device, you can use your smartwatch to use select Remote Connect features including engine start/stop (automatic transmission only) and door lock/unlock.


Plug-in Hybrid vehicles equipped with Remote Connect include Remote Climate Start, Charge Management and a Charging Station Map.
Keep your Toyota in peak condition by staying connected to its service needs using the Toyota App.

Select 2020 model year and newer Toyota vehicles come equipped with Service Connect. Service Connect allows you to keep your Toyota in peak condition with Vehicle Health Reports, Warning Light Notifications and more, all through the simple-to-use Toyota App.
1. Select your account icon in the top right hand corner

2. Select Notification Settings

3. Select whether or not you would like push notifications or emails for warning light notifications or vehicle health reports.
Apple CarPlay compatibility provides a smart and simple way to use your iPhone features in your vehicle.

CarPlay lets you access Apple Music, Apple Maps, make phone calls, and send messages all through your car’s touchscreen or with your voice using Siri.
1. Plug the iPhone 5 or newer device into your vehicle using the data USB port. You will see a pop-up appear with three available options.

2. If you have only plugged your phone in to be charged, press “Do Not Enable”. If you are a guest driver, select “Enable Once”, if you are a frequent driver you can select “Always Enable”.

3. If this pop-up does not appear, turn on Apple CarPlay in Projection Settings, which can be found in the Settings menu. Please note that you cannot use Apple CarPlay with more than one device at a time.

4. Return to your Main Menu Screen. You will see an Apple CarPlay icon replace the tile which previously displayed Projection. Once you touch this icon, you will enter into the Apple CarPlay interface.
Wireless CarPlay allows for a more convenient way to access your iPhone features while staying focused on the road.
1. First, a device must be added to your vehicle via Bluetooth & Devices in the settings menu. Tap on Search for Devices or Add Another Device and follow the on-screen steps to add your smartphone to the vehicle.

2. The system will prompt to enable Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto. Select Yes.

3. The system will now automatically connect to your device when you start your vehicle.
Android Auto compatibility provides a simple and convenient way to use your Android phone features in your vehicle.

Select 2020 model year and newer Toyota vehicles are now compatible with Android AutoTM. Android Auto brings your favorite smartphone apps into one place, so that you can access navigation, media, and communication apps all through your car’s touchscreen or with your voice using Google Voice Assistant.
1. Ensure that your Android smartphone is running 5.0 or higher, and that you have the Android Auto app installed from Google Play.

2. Open the App and “Agree” to the terms, then follow the steps on the screen to give Android Auto permission to access your phones features and apps.

3. Begin the pairing process by first ensuring that your vehicle is parked and the parking brake is activated.

4. Press “Set Up” on your vehicle’s main screen followed by “Projection Settings” and ensure that Android Auto is enabled.

5. Plug your Android phone into your vehicle using the Data USB port.

6. Return to the vehicle’s main screen and press the Android Auto icon – that has replaced the tile which previously displayed Projection Settings - to enter the Android Auto Interface.

You are now ready to enjoy all of the features and benefits of Android Auto. Press the Exit icon at any time to return to the main menu in order to access other connected services. Note, you can only use Android Auto with one device at a time.
Wireless Android Auto allows for a more convenient way to access your Android smartphone features while staying focused on the road.
1. First, a device must be added to your vehicle via Bluetooth & Devices in the settings menu. Tap on Search for Devices or Add Another Device and follow the on-screen steps to add your smartphone to the vehicle.

2. The system will prompt to enable Wireless Android Auto/CarPlay. Select Yes.

3. The system will now automatically connect to your device when you start your vehicle.
24-hour access to a live response centre agent should you encounter trouble on the road.

With Safety Connect, help is just a press of the SOS button away. Ensure you complete enrollment once you receive your vehicle.
Drive Connect includes Cloud Navigation with Destination Assist and Intelligent Assistant.
The new Cloud Navigation system features an intuitive app-like design, responsive interface and over-the-air updates. The system uses Google POI data and provides real-time traffic information (road closures and accidents). Cloud Navigation works with Intelligent Assistant and can be activated with a wake word such as “Hey Toyota”.

1. An active Drive Connect subscription or trial is required for Cloud Navigation. A stable network connection is required for real-time traffic updates and Intelligent Assistant capabilities.

2. To search for a destination, you can use a wake word such as “Hey Toyota” to activate Intelligent Assistant and initiate a voice command, like “Find a bank near me”.

3. Confirm your choice and the route guidance will begin.

4. Alternatively, you may type in your search request after issuing a wake word by tapping on the keyboard icon on the Intelligent Assistant screen (vehicle must be parked).

You may also use Intelligent Assistant to add a stop to your route. For example, you can say “Hey Toyota, add a gas station to the route” and a new stop will be added, and the route will be recalculated after confirming your choice with Intelligent Assistant.
Intelligent Assistant features natural language processing and can be activated with a wake word such as “Hey Toyota”. You can use natural voice commands to get directions, use free-form texting and more.

1. An active Drive Connect subscription or trial and a stable connection are required for Intelligent Assistant.

2. Intelligent Assistant features natural language processing and can be initiated with a wake word such as “Hey Toyota”, by tapping the mic icon on the multimedia display or by pressing the Push to Talk button on the steering wheel.

3. Intelligent Assistant allows to use your voice to execute a range of commands: from helping you find your next destination, to dictating a message, to accessing various setting menus.

4. For example, you can ask things like “What’s the weather like in Montreal?” or “Find a gas station along my route”. Intelligent Assistant may also provide notifications of severe weather along your route.
Provides 24/7 access to a live agent to help you locate destinations and the best route to get there.
1. In the navigation menu, select the Destination Icon or press the Voice Recognition button and say “Call Destination Assist”.

2. The agent can help you look for an exact location or provide recommendations on places to go. Once a location is selected, they will push the route to your navigation system. Up to five locations can be loaded into your navigation system at a time.
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The all-new human-machine interface (HMI) delivers enhanced interaction through sight, touch and voice. The stunning HD touchscreen display - up to 14" - is made of glare-resistant glass for crisp visuals and clear graphics. Touch inputs are quick and responsive, thanks to the 5x greater processing power compared to the previous generation system.

The cloud-based Intelligent Assistant expands on the standard Toyota Assistant functionality and integrates with Cloud Navigation. Use natural voice commands to add a rest stop along your route - like "Hey Toyota, find a coffee shop" - check the weather at your destination, dictate a message and much more. Included with Drive Connect.

Your Toyota App and Toyota Multimedia settings are automatically saved to the cloud and loaded to your vehicle when your profile is selected. Save personal preferences like language, map settings, day/night display mode, favourite destinations and more. Your User Profile along with your personal settings carry over to other Toyota Multimedia-equipped vehicles.

This always-connected system uses Google POI data so you can easily explore local points of interest or find a top-rated restaurant. Traffic and map data are updated in real-time and alternative route suggestions are dynamically offered based on current road conditions. Included with Drive Connect.